What are Small Cap Investments?

The small cap investments are companies valued between $200 million and $2 billion.  This price range is relative and actually changes between different investment brokers.  The real point to know about small caps is that they aren’t as easily manipulated by day traders and stock scammers like penny stocks or micro caps, but they aren’t […] Read more »

Should I Consider Retirement Plan Contributions?

Retirement plan contributions only do any good if you actually contribute.  So let’s discuss how much you can put in each type of plan, some limitations, and some reasons you actually need to put your money down. Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) The IRA is the account open to almost all to manage their own […] Read more »

What is a No Closing Cost Offer?

A common perk or negotiating tool used in real estate is the “no closing cost” offer.  Closing technically occurs after the title has been conveyed to the buyer and the contract is executed.   In reality there are always closing costs it’s just the seller is agreeing to pay for them as part of the offer.  […] Read more »

What is Mid Cap Investing?

Mid cap investing is simple choosing to purchase stocks that are valued between $2 billion dollars and $10 billion dollars.  This number is obviously rough and is obviously somewhat variable based on current market conditions.  If there is a big stock market hit and all companies are down 50% than a 3 billion dollar company […] Read more »

Do I need an Escrow Mortgage?

An escrow account is simply an account managed by a disinterested third party for whatever is agreed by both parties.  For an escrow mortgage the bank wants 4seohunt.com to make sure you will make all of your payments required to maintain the house.  The bank would hate for you to make your finance payments, but […] Read more »

Should I Consider Credit and Debt Consolidation?

With the economy on the fritz and over ten percent of Americans out of work, people are looking for ways to stretch their dollar a little farther.  I personally believe one of the easiest ways to do that is with credit card and debt consolidation, and keeping yourself in financial bliss will mean using this […] Read more »

What are the Qualities of an Entrepreneur?

?What makes an entrepreneur successful is not how brilliant a business idea he has, it is instead how many skills he has with which to achieve his goals.  Getting started in business, especially in a bad economy, can be a frightening prospect, and not everyone has what it takes to cut the mustard in the […] Read more »

What is Estate Planning & Gifting?

If you are in your golden years it may be time to start thinking about estate planning and who is going to receive your beloved treasures and the bulk of your wealth when you are gone.  Estate planning gifting in reality is a must for every adult; no matter you age because in the end […] Read more »

What is Refinance House Mortgage?

Refinance house mortgage.  That short little sentence makes many people get butterflies in their tummy and start sweating like horses every time they hear it. But it isn’t a bad sentence, and you should learn to embrace it for certain situations, after all, the home is usually the biggest piece of wealth an American citizen […] Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Transfer Money?

I have wondered that myself many times, how long does it take to transfer money, really?  It seems a little slanted for sure, as the bank gets money instantly but you will have a waiting period of a day or even more.  In the age of electronic banking it seems almost criminal that they can […] Read more »