How much mortgage can I afford on my salary?

How much mortgage can I afford on my salary? If you are currently living in rented accommodation, or worse, still at home, no doubt this is a question that vexes you every time your landlord drags his heels over fixing the dodgy central heating or your mum interrogates you about your whereabouts the previous weekend. […] Read more »

What Can I Donate For Money?

We have all been there at some point in our lives: no money and no obvious way of earning any money without doing something highly illegal. It sucks, doesn’t it? In many cases, being strapped for cash is part of being a student, and many students do their best to come up with innovative ways […] Read more »

Can I Use a Debit Card Online?

Spending is something that most of us find hard to resist. Having cash or money basically opens the door for us to expenses and expenditures. This is the reason why it is very important for us to learn how to save money. However, when credit cards were invented, the “spending condition” became worse. This is […] Read more »

Can I Claim Job Seekers Allowance if I resign?

It is great to know that some countries are able to provide allowances for individuals who are in great need. Some of these individuals are those who just recently lost their jobs. The government will usually extend their help to these people through monetary support. This is otherwise known as job seekers allowance. If a […] Read more »

Why Do We Have to Have a Car Insurance?

Why do we have to have car insurance? Car insurance is actually a law. It’s a legal requirement. It’s a protection against liability to third parties caused due to road users or pedestrian. In the U.S., every state is required to implement the law of auto insurance. And if you have a car, and you […] Read more »

Why do we have to Pay Income Tax?

Income tax is a percentual charge on the earning or income of every individual or businesses. Most income taxes are automatically deducted upon receiving the salary or during the time of service. However, some taxes are being paid after one fiscal year which is composed of 12 months. Income tax is basically considered as a […] Read more »

What are R & D Tax Credits?

Finding companies taking advantage of the R & D tax credits can add a little safety to your investment portfolio.  I like to use this trick because companies’ spending money on research and development are more likely to find products that are more appealing to the market and more likely to develop new processes that […] Read more »

What are SIMPLE IRA Contribution Limits?

The SIMPLE IRA contribution limits are only determined by your age.  When you’re below 50 it is $11,500 per year and when you’re over 50 it is $14,000 per year.  The SIMPLE IRA (SIMPLE stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) is designed for small employers typically with less than 50 employees.  The advantage […] Read more »