What is Feline Conjunctivitis?

Newborn kittens can be contracted with a common eye infection called feline conjunctivitis or also known as pink eye. It is called pink eye because the eyes become reddish or pinkish when infected with such condition. This infection usually happens among kittens from the time they start to open their eyes that takes place after […] Read more »

What do Cockroaches Eat?

Cockroaches are pest we do not want to keep. As much as we loathe its existence in our home, it seems like there is no permanent way to eradicate its presence. These pests infest our food, feed on left over crumbs on the table, crawl on unwashed dishes and even infest our clothes and any […] Read more »

How long do Cats Stay in the Heat?

We may have noticed cats behave strangely when they are in heat. Yes, we usually notice them crying loudly, rolling on the ground, being so affectionate to us and would walk with their tails switched to one side. When we are unaware of this phenomenon, we are often distracted with this behavior or even worry […] Read more »

Interesting Facts about Insects

As much as we hate insects because of their ability to bite us discreetly, there are still so many interesting facts about insects that will impress us. Normally, they come in small sizes but its tiny size must never be underestimated because those that come minutely are those that can give us more itch and […] Read more »

The Biggest Crocodile in the World

Humans perceive crocodiles as deadly creatures. Yes, they are indeed deadly because there are already many reports about humans being devoured by these humongous-sized reptiles, either by drowning them or crushing their skulls. What a brutal way to die! That is why we should pay heed with the signs or warnings that wildlife officials put […] Read more »

What is the Difference between Coyote and Wolf?

Although there are significant differences, many people tend to interchange coyote to wolf or vice versa. It could not be denied that coyote looks similar to wolves at first glance but when observed carefully; their differences and uniqueness could be highlighted. What is the difference between a coyote and wolf? Coyote (Canis latrans), which is […] Read more »

How much do Puppy Shots Cost?

Getting a new dog in the house would mean another member of the household as well as additional expenses to meet its needs. We get dogs as they are considered as man’s best friend and they offer different affection and warmth to us that cannot be found with other pets. With this, we get to […] Read more »

Can Dogs have Benadryl?

Ben adryl is an antihistamine which bears the trademark of Pfizer and is commonly the antihistamine available in the market. It is bought over-the-counter to relieve our itching and allergies as well as other symptoms. It is safe to take and even though it has known side effects (the most common is drowsiness), most of […] Read more »

Interesting facts about Rabbits and Hares

There are lots of interesting facts about rabbits and hares. Rabbits are a popular pet for children as they are easy to keep and can be house trained just like cats and dogs. By contrast, hares are a wild animal and although they share a few similarities with rabbits, they are a completely different species. […] Read more »