Can you use Benadryl in Pregnancy?

Becoming pregnant is a life-changing experience for every woman. They get to feel a lot of things going on with their life as they feel they have their growing baby inside their womb. They are overflowing with joy as they expect the baby over nine months and cope with their best when they get through physical, emotional and physiological changes. Yes, being pregnant is a whirlwind experience and every woman is just so excited about the whole thing.

Becoming a mother also entails becoming more responsible especially in their health aspect. They must change their lifestyle especially when it comes to their diet and medication intake. They must choose nutritious food for optimal health of their growing fetus and must consult to the doctor for any medications they are taking. Pregnant women must not take any medications without their health care provider’s advice or prescription.

We all know that pregnancy is also a crucial experience women undergo. When they have been taking drugs, any kinds of medications before such as Benadryl, they must open this up with their respective doctors to assure they are at the right track of taking good care of their health. Since a lot of women take drugs like antihistamines, specifically Benadryl, for allergy relief before finding out they are pregnant, can they still take Ben adryl in pregnancy period?

Benadryl is the most popular brand for antihistamines available in the market. This is bought over-the-counter that is why this drug is easily accessed by people. This medication is used primarily to halt symptoms of allergy such as sneezing, runny nose, itching and watery eyes. It also relieves inflammation caused by insect bites and is used to halt motion sickness. But as part of becoming responsible with every drug intake, we should always read the drug label to assure we are medicating as indicated.

For pregnant women, they are often confused whether to take Benadryl or not to stop their allergy symptoms. It was told in the past that they could not take any other medications without the doctor’s prescription as drugs pose unwanted side effects for the fetus. In the modern days, doctors have been prescribing Benadryl for allergic symptom relief for their pregnant clients as it was found out it is safe to take during pregnancy.

The first and safest step women should take is to have an appointment with their health care providers to discuss this matter. A lot of doctors consider Benadryl as a safe drug for pregnant women to take. But as much as possible, it is also advised that they should only take this drug when they need one. And it is also recommended not to take any other drugs during the first trimester since this is the period for organogenesis, or simply means the time wherein organs of their baby are formed.

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