Can you take Deodorant on a Plane?

Traveling by plane entails you to know about airport safety policies and this includes knowing what to pack in your carry-on luggage before boarding the plane, familiarization with the security rules and learning the rules about basic baggage. Before getting frantic about security personnel holding you from entering the inner portions of the airport, you must know the basics you are allowed and prohibited to carry.

You pack so many things inside your baggage and you always have to bring a smaller bag with you containing necessary items you use for immediate reasons. This carry-on bag must be free from any liquids and gels and this includes your deodorant and to be specific- gel deodorants. Can you take deodorant on a plane? Yes, you are allowed to bring a deodorant on a plane as long as this comes in a stick form, not the gel ones.

Due to security purposes and to prevent passengers for any terrorist attacks, the airport security rules imposed limitations on contents inside the carry-on bags. This rule was originally set on US and UK and from then on, more countries had followed the said rule strictly as there was a plot about liquids and gels containing explosives that have become a serious threat to everyone’s life. Though airport rules in different countries may be unique, this rule served to be a universal rule and you should know about it.

However, the latest airport rule had implemented allowable liquids and gels inside your carry-on bag as long as these are transferred to small containers and must not exceed 100 ml. Then, such liquids or gels must be stored inside one-quart sized clear plastic bag (Ziploc-lock style) and you are only allowed to bring one bag. After this, you are subjected to place this on the airport security X-ray machines apart from your other belongings to allow meticulous check.

What are the other items you are not allowed to carry? It is very important to be knowledgeable about this matter so that you will not be detained to enter the airport premises and to prevent traffic inside the airport. Some are the following items banned inside your carry-on bag, as well as prohibited within the airport areas:

• Matches
• Explosives (ex: gunpowder, plastic explosives and dynamites)
• Flammable items (ex: gas torches, lighter fluid, cooking fuel)
• Gases and pressure containers (ex: tear gas and pepper spray)
• Poisons (ex: rodent poisons, arsenic and pesticides)
• Corrosives (ex: wet cell batteries and drain cleaners)

So when you pack, it is always important to be reminded of the airport security rules to keep away from any delays in the airport. It is also vital to get the right carry-on bag and review the items you are bringing before finally zipping your baggage.

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