Can you Freeze Mushrooms?

Extending the expiration date of many foods has been a problem or difficulty for many people. Most foods, as we all know, are organic materials which can spoil after only a few days. This problem has already resulted to wasted foods and unnecessary money spending. However, there are actually a lot of things that we could do in order to prevent foods from spoiling. Some foods, like mushrooms can be kept in specific ways in order to delay its expiry. One of these is through freezing. But how can you freeze mushrooms?

What are Mushrooms?

A mushroom is classified as a type of fruiting body of fungus. This fleshy and spore bearing fungus are typically grown above the ground or soil. It is important for us to know that mushrooms are not considered as plants. Fungi are categorized separately from plants since they do not contain chlorophylls and undergo the process of photosynthesis. There are already approximately 14,000 types of species of mushrooms. Some are edible and can be used for meals, while others are considered poisonous and inedible.

Nevertheless, it is also possible for mushrooms to spoil and rot. In fact, these things expire faster than any other plant or vegetable. Fortunately, it is likewise possible for us to freeze these mushrooms in order to prolong its use. However, simply putting them inside the freezer is not enough in order to prevent it from becoming rancid. This will also take a little effort on our part in order to successfully freeze them and delay its expiration. Below are some of the great techniques in order to freeze mushrooms correctly and properly.

How to freeze raw mushrooms?

Freezing whole and raw mushrooms can actually extend the mushroom use for up to three months. However, we must use whole and fresh mushrooms in order to do this successfully. As we start the procedure, we must make sure that these mushrooms are wiped using clean cloth in order to remove dirt. It is important not to wash these mushrooms since this can make them sodden or soggy. Washing them can also prevent proper freezing. Once they are wiped clean, mushrooms must then be arranged on a baking tray one by one with a little space in between before subjecting the mushrooms for open freezing. As soon as the mushrooms are already frozen, they can now be placed inside a container with a lid and replace the container back into the freezer. Once we are ready to use our mushrooms, we can use them straight from the freezer or we can also thaw them for at least an hour before using.

How to freeze par-boiled mushrooms?

Aside from using raw mushrooms, par boiling them can also be done before freezing. This is done simply by washing raw mushrooms and adding them to a quart of boiling water along with half a teaspoon of salt. In order to retain the color of the mushrooms and prevent it from looking dull, we can also add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Once the ingredients are all in, we must then let the water come into a boil. This process should last for at least 3 minutes. After that, we can already rinse it with cold water and drain the excess fluids thoroughly. Once done, we can now place them inside plastic bags and be set for freezing. This will be able to prevent the mushrooms from spoiling for more than a year.

How to freeze sautéed mushrooms?

Raw and par boiled mushrooms are not the only one that we could freeze. Sautéed mushrooms can also be frozen with great success. This can be done by sautéing a pound of mushroom in butter along with a dash of salt and pepper. This must be cooked in high heat while stirring the mushrooms. As soon as the mushrooms are ready, we must let them cool first before storing them inside small containers for freezing. This can be use straight from the freezer or just like raw mushrooms; this can also be thawed for an hour.

Freezing mushrooms is actually very reliable and easy to do. This does not only allow us to prolong its expiration, but it can also save us a lot of money from constantly replacing spoiled and/or rotten mushrooms. These are just some of the simple ways in freezing mushrooms.

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