Can I Wear White to a Wedding?

The whole wedding fuss is not only for the bride to worry about. Nor is it only for the groom or the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The guest needs to prepare for it as well. As guest you should be able to know what to wear and what not to wear. You have to be presentable especially when the invitation specifically tells you to dress up. And besides, you wouldn’t want to look so shabby compared to the other guests. So, can I wear white to a wedding?

The safest answer would be NO. Don’t wear white to a wedding. Although it is true that we are now living in modern times and people can dress however they may please, it is still bad for a guest to wear white on someone else’s wedding day.

The idea is that the wedding day is the bride’s day. A white wedding gown is for the bride alone. The bride wears a white wedding gown to get all the attention of the people in the room. And make her look more beautiful than anyone in that wedding. It is her day and she should be the center of everyone’s attention. So, wearing a white dress to a friend’s wedding would be stealing the show from the bride. And this can be very insulting to the bride. It would seem that you are trying to compete with her when it is supposed to be all about her.

Another reason as to why you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding is to avoid being mistaken as the bride. It would be very embarrassing for you and the bride when people end up walking to you and congratulating you instead of her.
Some people say that you could wear a white top or dress to a wedding as long as it is not as extravagant or elegant as the bride’s wedding gown. Some wedding stylists and experts say that if you plan to wear white, accessorize it in such a way that you wouldn’t look like the bride or someone who is competing with the bride. You have to be careful in choosing your dress because brides now prefer sleeker dresses as well. And it is not just the color white that you need to avoid. Many women now choose the color cream or ivory for a wedding gown. And colors of these hues should also be avoided.

The white wedding gown is the way for the bride to stand out on her special day. If you are still single and waiting to be married, then wait for your own wedding to wear that white dress. And if you have already been married, you should know very well how the bride might feel about guests and white dresses.

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