Can I Watch Live TV from my Computer?

Missing a favorite TV show due to busy schedules, late night meetings and tight workload is one of the most annoying things ever for most people. Doing overtime work at the office can definitely sacrifice our leisure time at home watching the latest reality shows or basketball games in the tube. To make things worse, most offices do not have TV sets where we could tune in to our favorite channel while finishing our reports and presentations for tomorrow. Because of this, we are able to miss the latest happenings in the tube. Nevertheless, watching live TV can still be possible even if we are still stuck at work. All we need is our personal computers and a strong connection to the Internet and we can already enjoy the latest updates in our favorite TV shows. So can I watch Live TV from my computer?

Absolutely YES! Some of us may find it impossible to use the computer in replacement of TV sets. However, computers are also capable of streaming live shows that we usually watch on TV. In fact, more and more people are already using the computers as a substitute to TV sets in order to watch different shows from the tube. Because of this, a lot of software giants like Microsoft has used this advantage in order to convert a simple PC to live TV. They (Microsoft) have already created a new Vista operating system that has features capable of providing this kind of functionality.

How to get TV on computer?

There are actually some great ways that we could use in order to access live TV through the computers. One of the most popular is through the use of a TV tuner card. What is a TV tuner card? A TV tuner card is a tool that converts the computer into high technology VCR or personal video recorder, just like the public favorite TiVO device. Getting this for our computers allows us to view TV shows; however, getting this type of tool is quite difficult for some people.

Using the TV card tuner method is limited to what is available with the terrestrial antenna. However, this can also be linked or hooked up with the local cable TV service. Nevertheless, anything that is beyond basic cable won’t work with this kind of method since the content is encrypted by the cable provider. This will require us to have the cable’s proprietary cable box in order to decode and access all the channels as well as the pay per view events. However, limitations in using this method of watching live TV are still unavoidable. Most of us would usually use the pay per download method in order to watch good movies in our computer. Some of the most common sites are the and the However, these links do not offer live TV streaming. So if we are looking for ways that can give us what we are looking for, then we could try IPTV. IPTV allows us to view live TV streaming over the internet through our computer or set top tuner box. This can be accessed through the use of a major service provider namely cable, phone companies or satellite.

Another option in watching live TV with the use of computers is through the use of several software-based solutions. This enables us to watch live shows such as prime time programs, reality shows and even movie presentations in the tube. This effectively converts computers into live TV allowing us to view hundreds of channels and help us become updated of the latest happenings in news or in any major events. This, in particular, is also best in showing games and other sporting events like soccer, racing and basketball.

These are just some of the ways for us to watch live TV through the use of our computers. These things give us no reason to miss any of our favorite TV programs even if we are stuck in our offices.

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