Can I watch DVDs on My Wii?

The world changed with the release of Nintendo Wii. Everyone was just astounded with Wii’s wireless controller, the Wii Remote. The handheld device that detects motion in three dimensions is the distinguishing feature of the Wii console. And this is basically what caught the eye of many people around the world. People wanted to have one in their home, at least one.

Wii has completely changed the world of gaming. It has raised the bar among various game consoles which forced Sony and Microsoft to level up with their PlayStation and Xbox, respectively. Yet despite the feat that Nintendo has achieved with its Wii, people still want more. People are asking, ”Can I watch DVDs on my Wii?”

The simplest answer to that question would be NO. NO, you can’t watch DVDs on your Wii. Nintendo did not create Wii for watching DVDs. They made for the sole purpose of gaming. So, your Wii alone cannot play DVDs. Yet this has not stopped many techies from watching DVDs on their Wii. And you can do that too if you are savvy enough to get yourself a separate part for it.

You have to hack through your Wii in order for it to play DVDs. Hackers have actually done this and gotten their Wii a DVD playback. You can create a DVD access library for your Wii Console. Add the Mplayer, a media player, and you now have DVD playback on Wii. Of course setting the whole thing up would be a little more complicated than that. You have to get your Wii unlocked before you can install that secret Homebrew channel on your Wii.

The unlocking part is actually the most technical part in getting your Wii to play DVDs. It is in a way illegal because you are tampering with the product. And this would lead to voiding the manufacturer’s warranty of your Wii. But if you would really want to give it a try to get your Wii to play DVDs, there are quite a number of sites that offer tutorials for it and programs that would help you unlock your Wii.

There three guides that are great for safely unlocking your Wii, Wii Unlocker Ultra, Homebrew Installer, and Homebreware. They all have their own pros and cons. And you have to be careful when choosing which to use to unlock your Wii. Different versions of Wii have different ways of unlocking. So make sure they are compatible.

And knowing about all these things makes me wonder if it is worth all the effort. Why make your Wii play DVDs when you can have a separate player for your DVDs? Some say it has better quality compared to the common DVD players. Others say that you get to play more games and more applications with your Wii unlocked. So maybe it is worth all that effort.

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