Can I watch 3D Movies on my Computer?

3D or three-dimensional films are already the latest thing when it comes to movies nowadays. As we can see, more and more films both animated and not, are already released in 3d versions. Enhancing the film’s visual effects from 2D to 3D allows more realistic images, which can entice more the viewers. However, 3D films only takes effect if used with special 3D glasses. These 3D glasses are the ones that create the leveling of the images shown in the screen allowing the figures to pop out or look embossed from the point of view of the audience. Because of this technology, many cinemas are already catering 3D films that allow viewers to watch 3D blockbuster movies on the big screen. Nevertheless, many are also wondering whether it is possible for us to get the same 3D effects at home using our own television sets or personal computers. This makes us ask the question; can I watch 3D movies on my computer?

Definition of 3D

Just like what is mentioned above, 3D stands for three-dimensional. This is a type of film that enhances the illusion of depth perception. These types of videos or films first started in the 1950s and were prominently featured in American cinemas. The 3D made its major worldwide recognition in the 80s and 90’s decades through the creation of IMAX theaters. This even became more successful in the 2000s and has made phenomenal 3D animated films and blockbuster movies such as Narnia, Avatar and Shrek.

Can we have the same 3D effect using only our computers or TV sets?

YES. 3D is not only limited in cinemas. Although watching 3D films can be more spectacular in the big screen, three-dimensional effects can also be experienced even only in the comforts of our own home. However, most 3D movies and films in DVD are made for anaglyph images only. This is described as the earliest method in exhibiting theatrical 3D. This however, is also common in non theatrical media such as 3D TV productions and comic books wherein the advanced polarization is not even practical.

These days, most 3D movies released on home videos come in anaglyph 3D. This basically shows images that are in different colors such as red, blue and green. When these images are perceived through the use of the special 3D glasses (glasses with red and blue lenses), the images will exhibit the same kind of effects that are being shown in cinemas. Figures and characters in the movies will pop out of the screen and will show a leveling kind of effect with the movie. Watching this on TV will also show the same kind of effects when watched on computers.

This type of 3D however, is not as good when it comes to the 3D effects that are shown in cinemas. This is primarily because of the polarized version of 3D being utilized in the silver screen. Because of this, the images shown do not come in two colors only making it a lot more pleasant for the eyes. Nevertheless, doing polarized versions on home TV and monitors is not possible which means that all the latest polarized 3D movies are still converted into anaglyph 3D.

The success of this optical illusion has already made a lot of films very successful in the box office. Watching these films at home or in our computer screens is possible as long as the right equipments and items are available. First, choosing any kind of film will not work as a 3D product even if it is used with the 3D glasses. Special 3D films are expertly converted into 3D compatible movies in order for it to work its wonders at home. This means that movies designed for 3D use are the only ones that can work with the glasses. Aside from having the right video, having also the correct 3D shutter glasses is also important.

These are just some of the important details with regards to viewing 3D movies at home. Watching 3D films are not just for the sake of fun. This can actually create a magical effect, which makes watching movies more worthwhile and exciting.

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