Can I Use a PS3 Controller on my PC?

We all know that our PCs can do just about anything. It allows us to watch movies, surf the net, download music, type or encode files and even play some exciting games. However, many people are still saying that the PC is not as good as watching movies using the DVD player, or listening music through iPods or even playing video games using the PS3. Some would even claim that playing games using the PC is hard especially since the keyboard is considered as the main controller. Nevertheless, there are still some things that we could do in order to make it easier for us to play games using our personal computer. So if ever we ask the question; can I use PS3 controller on PC? Then the answer is a big YES!

Replacing our keyboards with the PS3 controllers can definitely help us play the computer games without any hassle. We all know that using the computer keyboard configuration prevents us from performing very well on games. So for us to use the PS3 controllers, we will need a PS3 wireless controller and the USB cable for Windows XP. Once we already have these, we could now start downloading the file from into our desktop. It is recommended that a Windows XP or higher is being used. Once the driver is downloaded, we can now begin installing the filter driver (libusb-win32-filter-bin- exe). After doing so, we will then unpack the ps3sixasis_en. And plug the SIXASIS on to our personal computer using the USB charging cable for our PS3. Once connected, we could then run the ps3sixasis_en.exe for one time only. If ever the computer will not recognize it, we can then push the PS button of the SIXASIS once.

So in order for us to know whether the procedure has been successful, we could test it by simply going to the Windows menu and click the Control Panel where it will now display an icon for Joysticks. Flashing lights might be a common problem however, as long as the controllers work fine, then there is no more problems to worry. This way, we could already enjoy playing our computer games, without any difficulties of punching keys from our keyboards! We could test the effects of the joysticks by testing it on while playing a game. The commands must be followed by the computer and the controllers must be able to direct the player in the computer without having any difficulties. Now we already know that we can effectively use our PS3 controllers via our PC.

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