Can I Use my iPhone in Europe?

Apple is one of the biggest and most successful multinational corporations that manufacture computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics.One of the most successful products of this American corporation is none other than the iPhone. Nowadays, apple has already created four iPhone models wherein the latest design, iPhone 4, was just recently released last June 24, 2010. The iPhone became as worldwide phenomenon due to its remarkable features and user friendly properties. Nevertheless, problems with regards to the function of this type of phone in other places aside from the US have been an issue for many users. Some find it impossible to use the iPhone under a different setting especially in other places like Europe. So let us try to find a solution to this problem and answer the question; can I use my iPhone in Europe?

What is an iPhone?

An iPhone is a type of smartphone that is designed to have Internet and multimedia properties. Just like what is mentioned above, this iPhone is produced and marketed by the Apple Corporation. The very first iPhone model was unveiled by CEO Steve Jobs on the 9th of January, 2007. This model was then released in public on the 29th of June 2007. Aside from its capability of hooking to the Internet, this iPhone can also function as a video camera and camera phone and can also do text messaging and visual voicemails. It is recognized as a portable media player and is ready for WiFi and 3G connectivity.

Aside from these wonderful features, the thing that sets iPhone above any other gadgets is its touch screen property and virtual keyboard. It also caters hundreds of thousands of applications that are all approved by Apple. These apps range from games, references, social networking, GPS navigation, films and a lot more. When it was released in the US, AT&T was recognized as the only authorized carrier of the iPhone until February 10, 20011, when the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 was launched for Verizon.

Is it possible for us to use the iPhone in Europe?

YES. Using the iPhone gadgets is very much possible even if we are in Europe. Most Americans who go out of the country to stay in Europe usually finds it hard to use affordable the iPhone. However, using the iPhone will actually incur no accidental charges. However, before going to Europe, it is wise for us to call AT&T first and activate the International Voice Roaming Plan. This activation will cause us about $5.99 per month and get a reduction in the price of most calls from 4 to 5 dollars per minute to as low as $0.99. This rate however depends on the country that we are planning to stay at in Europe. Nevertheless, most European countries do have the same rate of $0.99 a minute. This plan will also include services such as receiving text messages from each country as a means of welcome and information about the service provider of the particular country.

Doing these things before heading to Europe is very important since it allows us to use the iPhone without the risk of having a 500 dollar bill in just a few days. However, activating the plan will also activate the use of data overseas. Data charges are very expensive overseas which can cause up to 20 dollars per 1 MB of data sent. iPhone also has a Global Plan which can also be activated in order to pay only 24.95 dollars per month which allows about 20 MB of data. Additional data is rated at $0.005 per KB. Nevertheless, if we are in need of Internet connection, then we can always rely on WIFis. Most WiFis are available in hotels and some restaurants abroad. This may cause us more than a 10 dollars a day in order to access and use the services of these establishments, but it is still a lot cheaper than 20 dollar rate per MB of the iPhone. In short, International Data Roaming with the iPhone can be a very expansive and costly thing to have.

These are just some of the facts pertaining to the use of the iPhone overseas, specifically in Europe. iPhones are excellent gadgets by Apple. However, none of this excellence will ever come into our hands without paying the right amount of money for it.

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