Can I Use my Camera as a Webcam?

A world surrounded by many things that are run by technology is a place that we could consider comfortable. For the past decades, the advancement of technology has undeniably made life a lot easier to live with the presence of computers, cell phones and other digital items. The internet has also paved way for the impossible things to happen such as connecting people in different places through chats and social networking. However, in order for us to fully live the benefits of these innovations, we must also be knowledgeable on how these things work and what makes them function. Some of us are not even aware that some gadgets can also be used as a replacement for other electronics. This makes many people ask the question; can I use my camera as a webcam?

The answer to this question is YES. Cameras or digital cameras can also be used as a substitute for webcams. As we all know webcams are very useful in communicating with other people especially those who are situated miles from us. Unfortunately, not all computers are properly equipped with webcams. Some laptops do have built in web cameras but other PCs require separate or external devices for webcams. But before we dwell deeper on the possibility of using digital cameras as webcams, let us try to describe and identify first; what are webcams?

Webcams are types of video cameras that are capable of feeding images in real time in a computer or computer network. This is made possible through the use of USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Because of the use and the function of these cameras, we are able to utilize computers as videophones or videoconference stations. The word webcam was derived from its use as a video camera for the World Wide Web. Others also use webcam as security surveillances or computer vision. These webcams also allow chatters and internet users to have more personal communication. This is the reason why having these cameras for Internet use is considered by many as important and necessary.

How can we use cameras as a replacement for webcams?

Doing video conferencing, chatting or broadcasting live events or happenings through the web can still be possible even without webcams. Instead, we can use our own digital cameras as a replacement. Some mobile cameras even works or functions better in comparison to most designated webcams. But the question now is; how can we make these digital cameras function as web cameras?

Using mobile cameras as webcams is actually quite easy to do. This can actually be done in a step to step procedure in order to hook the cameras properly to the computer and the internet. Here are some of the things that we can do in order to make this possible.


We should always start by checking the manual or the instruction guide of our digital cameras to see whether it could be use as a webcam. Nowadays, many mobile cams are already designed or created in order to have this property or functionality. Some cameras even have webcam software to accompany it. However, not having any webcam software is no reason for us not to use them anymore as web cameras. We can in fact use a third party webcam application in order to make it possible. Some of the most common applications include SarmSoft WebCam, which can be downloaded or found at


Once we have secured all the things mentioned in step number 1, we can now proceed in plugging our digital camera’s adapter into the camera. Some cams won’t function automatically as webcams not unless they are hooked into the A/C power. Aside from this, using A/C power enables us to save our batteries and prevent the camera from draining its energy and shutting off in the middle of a conversation or broadcast.


As soon as the adapter is already hooked, we can now try connecting the video cable into the digital camera’s video port. Camera’s that are designed for webcam use usually comes with cable plugs in order to connect to a video source. The other end of the cable must also be plugged in the video card’s video “in” port.


The next step is to adjust or arrange the camera’s position in front or close to the monitor as possible. This will guarantee better face to face communication and visualization. Once done, we can now position ourselves at least 2 to 3 feet away from the camera. Most digital cameras used as webcams focus the image best when we are at a distance.


Now that the image is ready, we can also try using a separate microphone or headset if our digital cameras don’t come with audio properties as a webcam. The microphone can be plugged into the microphone jack of the sound card.

These are the simple yet effective steps in order for us to utilize our digital cameras as webcams. By doing this, we can save money from buying new webcams and we can definitely start living the benefits of technology around us.

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