Can I Use a Debit Card Online?

Spending is something that most of us find hard to resist. Having cash or money basically opens the door for us to expenses and expenditures. This is the reason why it is very important for us to learn how to save money. However, when credit cards were invented, the “spending condition” became worse. This is because it allows us to spend on items using borrowed money. This usually just leads to debts, which causes greater problems in the future. Nevertheless, debit cards are also present which is a lot better than credit cards if we want to limit our expenses. This, however, made a lot of people ask; can I use a debit card online or in buying things via the Internet?

First of all, what is a debit card? A debit card, which is likewise known as a bank card or check card, is a plastic material that is shaped like a gambling card and is used as an alternative to money in buying items. The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that the former is getting its funds on our own savings or bank accounts. This literally means that the money we are spending is considered ours and will not be translated as a debt. However, if we don’t have enough money in our bank accounts, then we cannot take advantage of the debit card. This is why it is also recognized as an electronic check since the funds needed for our purchase will also be subtracted to our remaining balance. But can we use this card as a substitute to credit cards in buying items through the Internet?

The answer to this question is yes! We can actually use the debit card as an alternative in buying things online. As long as this card has a credit logo such as Visa or MasterCard, then it is possible for us to use it. Nevertheless, using debit card is not as good as using the credit card in online shopping. This is because some debit cards do have spending limits in a day. This means that we cannot spend as much as we can in using credit cards in one day. This however is also an advantage since it holds us to the point of overspending.

Now we all know that debit cards are also useful in buying online items. It is nonetheless, important that we should also be aware of our spending capacities or capabilities in order to prevent having problems with money in the future that could always lead to law suits.

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