Can I Upgrade my Laptop Graphics Card?

Almost every people on earth already owns a laptop or desktop as this has been proven to be effective in leading our lives to convenience and sorts everything that we have to deal with. People of today consider laptops as very essential gadgets and if possible, this should come in the most updated version to live up every expectation of the visual and technological world.

Can I upgrade my laptop graphics card? This is one common question among laptop users. Of course, we wanted to have the latest version in our portable devices that is why they are eager to know what upgrades we can do with our laptops. As much as we wanted to change our graphics card into those that came out latest in the market, we should know first whether this is made possible to avoid any loses, damages or alterations in our devices.

Upgrading the laptop does not come easily as we thought. This may ruin our devices as upgrading laptops is not equal to upgrading parts in the desktop. Yes, technology changes overtime and what we have may be obsolete. But before trying to open up the laptop, we must stop and read further about upgrades.

It is sad to know that we cannot change the graphics card in our laptop. This is impossible to upgrade as the current graphics card of our laptops is embedded into the motherboard. However, upgrades on graphics card are made possible on expensive models of laptops.

Surely, we do not want to give in to the risk of upgrading the device without thorough knowledge on electronics, as this would make our hard-earned investment gone to waste. Beforehand, we must determine our capacity to make certain changes and if we do not know what we ought to do, it is best to turn to the experts for advices.

Because laptops are made primarily for word processing, spreadsheets and other business-like applications, it is good to accustom ourselves first that it is not manufactured mainly for gaming. But if we wanted to pursue with the upgrade at the same time assuring that our devices remain safe, we must get the latest external graphics card released by one of the top manufacturers of computer components and hardware- the Asustek Computer.

The Asustek released the first known external graphics card, the XG Station, to enhance the 3D graphics performance on laptops at the same time adding Dolby audio to portable computers. This external graphics card comes in an adaptor that contains PCI Express x 16 slot for graphics cards and other features that make necessary enhancements.

PCI Express, also known as Peripheral Component Interconnect Express is an enhanced computer expansion card that aims to deliver better performance among obsolete versions of bus devices like PCI and AGP. This contains features like detailed error detection and extreme bus throughput. So when we wanted to overhaul our graphics card, we must consider this external graphics card to protect our laptops.

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