Can I Take Paracetamol when I am Pregnant?

Expecting a baby can change so much in a woman’s life. It does not only signify the start of her motherhood, but it likewise entails a lot of responsibility. Aside from the lifestyle changes, there are also a lot of emotional, physical and even physiological changes that are expected from a pregnant woman. She can experience different kinds of discomforts such as back pains, muscles cramps and of course, headaches. Because of these annoying and distracting symptoms, the intake of medications is also increased during a woman’s pregnancy. However, not all drugs are advisable for pregnant women to take. This is because a lot of medications are considered teratogenic or harmful for the baby. This led pregnant women to question; can I take Paracetamol when pregnant?

Paracetamol is a type of analgesic drug. This means that Paracetamol is mostly given to individuals who are experiencing pain. In addition to this, Paracetamol is also used to reduce high grade fever. This is why it is also classified as an antipyretic. Some of the most popular kinds of this drug are none other than acetaminophen and/or Tylenol. Although these drugs are widely used by people all over the world to combat pain, many are still in doubt whether it is safe to use during pregnancy. Nevertheless, Paracetamols are considered non-teratogenic or safe for the health of babies.

It is very important for pregnant women to know first whether a particular drug or medication is categorized as “safe” for the baby. When it comes to all types of pharmacologic substances, proper categorizing is very important. Most drugs are classified whether they are class A, B, C, D or X. Classes A and B are both considered safe for the baby, while category X is identified as teratogenic or very harmful for the growing fetus. As for paracetamol, experts have categorized this drug as class B. This means that it is very safe for the mother as well as for the life inside her womb.

Most pain relievers such as paracetamol are used during pregnancy because of the different discomforts felt all over the body such as back pains and headaches. These symptoms may be prominent during pregnancy; however, it is not pregnancy per se that causes or triggers these discomforts. Nonetheless, pregnancy is just considered a factor that can aggravate the pain being felt.

Even though it is already concluded that paracetamol is indeed safe for all pregnant women, it is still very important for them to follow the prescribed dose, time and route. These drugs may be harmless for the body, but once they are given with any kind of alteration, it can already cause the life of both the baby and the mother. This is the reason why meticulous checking is a must when it comes to any type of drug administration, most especially if an expectant and vulnerable woman is involved.

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