Can I take a Bath while Pregnant?

Pregnancy is an exciting experience for every woman. They make the necessary preparations for their upcoming baby. They buy baby clothes, bedding, crib, toys and more things for their little one as they are preoccupied with this different happiness when about to have a little baby to hold on after nine months. They may be busy with all the preparations, one thing pregnant women must not forget is to take care of their self, especially when it comes to their hygiene.

Being pregnant means being clean and tidy all the time. This means women must provide self care and this includes taking a good and relaxing bath. Can I take a bath while pregnant ? This is often asked by a lot of expectant women out there and there is only one answer to such question: Yes, they can take a bath and there is a need to take a bath!

We know there are so many myths about pregnancy and not taking a bath is one of them. Listening to old wives tales is not advisable anymore as it is proven baths are highly needed during this period of time. What women should avoid instead when taking a bath is extremely hot water temperature.

Hot baths are not recommended for pregnant women. The water must be regulated and it is said that the temperature must not exceed 100 degrees F. It is because hot water can cause their bodies to overheat, thus leads to escalated heart rate which eventually reduces blood flow to the baby and poses the baby under stress. To assure bath time is safe, pregnant women must always check the water temperature prior to enjoying a relaxing bath.

Taking a bath when pregnant actually does good to every woman. Aside from keeping them clean, it also cools their bodies as they have increased body temperature when expecting a baby. That is why most pregnant women sweat too much. Bathing especially in warm water is also a good way to relax tensed and aching muscles as we all know pregnant women often complain about lower back pain and leg cramps. Warm bath also reduces stress as well as increasing amniotic fluid and preventing premature contractions.

Bathing does a lot of benefits to pregnant women. They must always smell and feel good about themselves that is why they must be as hygienic as they can be throughout the nine-month period. But they must also be reminded that during their bath, they must move carefully as their balance is not so good during this time. They can ask for assistance from their significant others when they have difficulties going in and out of the tub. They are at risk for falls that is why they should as well take precautionary measures to avoid accidents.

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