Can I Dye my Hair when Pregnant?

Getting good looks makes a whole lot difference to our self esteem. We always want to look good and feel good that is why we spend on various beauty products that catch our attention in the market and spend money on salons every weekend as a way to pamper ourselves. We may spend expensive amount for self aesthetics but we do not regard this as long as we get the look we wanted.

How do we beautify our self? We wear fashionable clothes, de-stress on spas, put on makeup, style our hair and even change our hair color. There is nothing wrong with self beautification as long as what we do to ourselves is safe. How about expectant mothers? Are there limitations over what they can do with their physical appearance? Well, a lot of mothers-to-be always desire to keep their good looks throughout the nine months of baby bump but most of them are hindered about trying on new looks because of some old beliefs.

They would ask, “Can I dye my hair when pregnant”? As much as they wanted to color their hair, they are oftentimes told not to do such thing as it can affect their growing baby inside their womb. Hair dyes contain chemicals and we have learned that it is harmful for the baby especially during the first three months. But recent studies have revealed that hair dyes actually do not affect the baby inside the womb. Getting colored hair during pregnant is safe that is why mothers-to-be can get the color they wanted to keep them healthy looking and beautiful.

When they are still hesitant over such fact that hair color is safe during pregnancy, they can wait a little longer until they reach the second trimester. Or if not, instead of a total change on their hair color, what they can opt for are hair highlighting, painting or frosting to assure no chemicals can seep through their system.

Since pregnant women face a lot of challenges when it comes to physical changes such as skin pigmentation, occurrence of stretch marks, linea nigra on their abdomen and weight gain, they can comfort themselves from these changes by becoming beautiful through proper self care. They should disregard the thought that being pregnant means becoming ugly. Instead, they must believe that becoming pregnant means becoming even more beautiful each day.

With the baby bump they carry over nine months, women can stay healthy, glowing and fashionable all throughout this period. They must take good care of themselves before they face another chapter of life- finally becoming a mother and hold their baby they have been longing to see.

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