Can I Dye my Hair Twice in One Day?

Giving the hair another color gives enhancements to beauty as well as revamping looks to gain newer image. A lot of people, especially women, like to color the hair often. We try on new colors that hit off the market or getting influenced from what we see on our Hollywood idols. There is never wrong about dying the hair but before we get into the excitement of trying on new looks, we must check the condition of our hair first.

Let us face it. Hair colors may produce good outcomes on our physical appearance but this is actually damaging to the hair especially when it is already damaged. Hair dyes are made from chemicals that can be too harsh on our hair that is why we need to assess it prior to giving in to hair dyeing. Hair colors range from temporary to permanent colors and what we should apply depends upon the present condition of our hair.

How do we test our hair condition? Simply, we have to brush it and check on the mirror how it looks like. When it looks healthy and strong, we can dye it every six to eight weeks. However, when the hair is brittle or dull, we should only apply dye once or twice a year to avoid further damage. There is a need for us to apply deep conditioners after hair dying to bring moisture to our locks, which helps prevent additional dryness and brittleness.

Another question being asked by a lot of people is, “Can I dye my hair twice in one day”? Yes, we can do this but we must know we are producing further damage on our locks. Coloring the hair more often than the recommended will result to hair loss and breakage. Before we dive into the impulse of changing hair color because we do not like the outcome of the previous hair dye application, we must consider the condition of our hair, as always. It would be so harsh to put more chemicals on our locks when we dye twice in a day.

When we do not like the outcome of our hair color, what we can do is to wait for a couple of days, or better yet for a few weeks before applying another color. After every application, we must always apply deep conditioners, as stated earlier, to bring back moisture and health to the hair. Another way to boost hair condition is to eat healthy foods such as eggs, whole grains and those that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. We can also take in vitamin supplements for additional hair nourishment.

After all, we must take extra care on our hair as it is considered as our crowning glory. We cannot afford losing our locks at an early age, do we? Of course, the answer would be never!

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