Can I Donate Blood if I have a Tattoo?

Donating blood is one noble act. It is one way of helping people who are in need of blood and its components during critical times. No matter how you wish to donate blood, you are still subject for thorough check and you are going to answer personal questions that need your complete honesty to ensure blood extracted from you is clean and safe, which is beneficial for the recipients.

In the blood bank, personnel will ask series of questions with regards to your sexual history, latest health status and other questions that seem intrusive and lengthy. But you must be patient undergoing to this interview as a means to safeguard the blood supply. This is also one way to reduce risks of blood-borne infections.

When you are keen enough throughout the interview, one main question blood bank personnel asks you is whether you have a tattoo or body piercing over the last 12 months. Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo? This question is common as many people who have skin art on their bodies or any forms of piercings are not allowed to give blood. What are the reasons behind this? It will be discussed below.

Because having a tattoo involves usage of needles, this also means getting the assurance whether the needles had been sterilized properly prior to use or whether it has been used only once or more than that. There is no complete guarantee that tattoo parlors follow proper guidelines with needle usage that is why it is always best to be sure than be sorry at the end. Why? It is because one way of contracting blood-borne diseases is through improper needle sterilization and usage.

You can donate blood, given that you must wait after a 12-month period. The rationale of this is that blood contamination and blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis C, HIV and Syphilis can only be detected after a year. This speaks for the routinary and strict implementation of screening among those who wishes to donate blood as blood supply must be as clean as it can be, without putting risks among blood recipients.

Even though the blood you have donated in the blood bank undergoes series of test for complete assurance it is clean and free from any contaminants, you are still going through that tedious questioning. It is because personnel find it time-saving if they already determined whether you are a good candidate for blood donation or not. All blood collected are then tested for blood type, presence of red blood cell antibodies, and for infections stated above and some states even include malarial tests.

So when you have tattoos on your body, you better have to wait for 12 months before sharing your blood to those who are in need.

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