Can I delete TMP Files?

When we spend time looking at our computer files, we often notice files that end with TMP extension. What are these files with TMP extensions? Whether we are newbies in the world of computers or advanced computer whiz, we should know what these files are so that we can determine if files are still worthy to be saved in our computer memory or should be deleted to make way for saving other important files.

TMP files also mean temporary files. This file type is associated with the Temporary File/ Folder and is utilized for various purposes. They are usually created after a program recognizes there is no more enough memory space for its tasks, when the program works on data that consumes more than its architecture’s address space or simply because it is part of the inter-process communication. But above all, temporary files are mainly created for backup purposes.

Temporary files actually serve as our rescuer in times we fail to save the data we are currently working at. There are moments when our computer suddenly shuts down without us saving the data we are working. But while the computer is still on and the original file is open, programs have actually been saving a temporary version of the file that is why we are able to recover it when we turn on the computer again.

Temporary files are automatically deleted once their purposes had been accomplished. They are also eliminated from the computer system when the program is closed normally. However, there are instances wherein temporary files remain even after their purposes had been done. Users will then ask can I delete TMP files. This may be critical for us because there are some programs that are still usable that are within the TMP files.

As much as we wanted to delete temporary files for we know they can take up unnecessary space in our computer, not all temporary files are actually safe to be deleted. What can help us determine if the temporary files are still usable or not? We can make it known by right clicking on the file and choose Properties to determine when this file was last modified or when it was created. Temporary files are said to be safely removed when it is already a few weeks or months old.

When we continually spend more time checking on the files with the TMP extension in our hard drive, we may discover there are more files that are already considered as junk files. We can delete these either manually or make use of a system utilities suite. When we think such files are already unnecessary, it is better to remove them to accommodate more important files in our computer’s memory space.

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