Can I Claim Job Seekers Allowance if I resign?

It is great to know that some countries are able to provide allowances for individuals who are in great need. Some of these individuals are those who just recently lost their jobs. The government will usually extend their help to these people through monetary support. This is otherwise known as job seekers allowance. If a person lost his or her job, a stipend will be given, which will serve as a bridge until he or she can find a new job. However, not all people who don’t have a job can claim their allowances. There are still criteria to be checked prior to releasing the money. One of this is the reason for losing the job. A person can lose his or her job due to two reasons; he or she is fired or he or she resigned. This made a lot of people ask the same question over and over again. Can I claim job seekers allowance if I resign?

IT DEPENDS. This is the response that would best answer the question. Getting an allowance due to resignation depends primarily on the reason why the particular person resigned. As soon as he or she resigned his or her post, the reason behind the resignation will always be looked up to. This will serve as a basis whether or not the person has a good reason for leaving the job. The only great thing about this process is that the decision whether or not the person has good grounds of leaving the job will last for a few weeks. And during that course, the person involved will usually get full rate of benefit. Once the independent decision maker has decided that the person did not have a good reason for leaving his or her job, a sanction will be implemented. Nevertheless, the sanction will also take a few weeks to a month before can be carried out, which can give the person an ample time to find a new job. If this occurs, the sanction will already take no effect. However, if the person has an acceptable cause for leaving his or her old job, his or her job seekers allowance will not be affected.

Aside from the reason of resignation, there are also other categories being checked prior to granting the allowance. The first category is the person’s consistent payment to the National Insurance Contributions for the past two tax years. If it was found out that the person did consistently pay his or her contributions, he or she will be able to claim the allowance for a maximum of 6 months. Another category being reviewed is the person’s income. If a person has an income that is less than the given standard amount, he or she will be able to claim the monetary support.

Claiming job seekers allowance if you resign is not as simple as extending the hands and asking for money. There will be certain things that will be considered prior to approving the allowance. That is why; it is always wiser to find first a follow up job prior to resigning the post.

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