Can I Bring a Shaving Razor on a Plane?

Before you head off on your travels somewhere hot and exotic, it might occur to you to ask: can I bring a shaving razor on a plane? There is not a straight answer to this question as it depends very much on the type of razor you are considering taking on board as well as which part of your luggage it will be in.

For obvious reasons, taking a cut-throat razor in your hand luggage is likely to see you arrested by several burly security staff the minute your bag passes through the x-ray machine at the airport. No airline on the planet will allow a passenger to carry such a potentially dangerous weapon on board just in case they turn out to be a homicidal maniac.

Can I bring a shaving razor on a plane if it is not overtly dangerous?

Small plastic disposable razors are a different proposition. The US TSA website states clearly that disposable razors and their associated cartridges are allowed in hand luggage. However, you may well discover that different airlines operate different security protocols at different airports, so just because one airline lets you take your plastic disposable razors on board, another airline might confiscate them at the bag security area.

All airlines increased their security measures in the aftermath of 9/ll and the repercussions are still being felt by travellers worldwide. Security has relaxed slightly in recent times, but not to the point where you are allowed to take on board in your hand luggage anything that can be reasonably construed as being potentially dangerous. Some airlines might insist you place items such as disposable razors in clear plastic bags so airline staff can examine them before you pass through security; other airlines might just confiscate them regardless.

The only type of razor you can take on board inside your hand luggage with no fear of hassle is an electric razor, so if you think you will definitely need a shave before landing at your destination, consider purchasing an electric razor before you travel, or alternatively, take advantage of the duty free shopping opportunities at the airport prior to boarding your flight.

Can I bring a shaving razor on a plane if it goes in my check-in luggage? Yes, you can take any type of razor in your checked in baggage.

If you are still at all concerned about whether you will run into trouble trying to take razors on board in your hand luggage, the best advice I can offer you is to check with the individual airline prior to travel. Airline staff will be able to give you more specific advice if you feel that their guidelines are ambiguous in any way. It is far better to check the rules in advance rather than run the risk of having your new shaving razors confiscated at the airport, or worse still, being arrested for trying to carry suspicious items on to a trans-Atlantic flight.

And if the worst happens and your razors fall into the ‘banned’ category, just remember, there are very few locations in the world where you will have a problem purchasing a replacement razor once you arrive, so try not to panic at the thought of looking like a member of ZZ Top within a few days of landing!

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