Can Dogs have Benadryl?

Ben adryl is an antihistamine which bears the trademark of Pfizer and is commonly the antihistamine available in the market. It is bought over-the-counter to relieve our itching and allergies as well as other symptoms. It is safe to take and even though it has known side effects (the most common is drowsiness), most of these are manageable. But still before taking medications like Benadryl, it is important to take the advice from medical doctors to assure we are keeping tract with safe medication administration.

As Benadryl is proven very effective for humans, can dogs have Benadryl, too? This is commonly asked among dog owners as they want to make sure their pets get the right medication in cases it needs one.

Yes, Benadryl is a safe medication given for dogs. When dog owners want to buy an antihistamine that is cheaper, they can opt for the generic ones, with its non-trade name diphenhydramine. When giving Benadryl, we must remember to purchase the plain ones. We must only get diphenhydramine hydrochloride as this is the right kind to give for the dogs and the ones effective for its symptom relief.

What are the indications of Benadryl? Aside from treating allergies and itching, this drug is also used for insect bites or stings and stops sneezing. It also relieves allergic reactions after getting some vaccinations and used as a sedative at the same time controls car sickness. But as always reiterated, it is always safe to administer drugs with the veterinarian’s prescription to assure we are giving the right drug for our dogs as this serves a way to avoid detrimental side effects.

As part of administering medications to our dogs, we must include giving the right dose for optimum results. It is appropriate to give 1 mg of Benadryl for every 1 lb of the dogs’ weight. This is given two to three times a day or every eight hours, depends upon the vet’s prescription.

Even though Benadryl is a safe drug to give for dogs, it has still some contraindications we must be cautious about. Such drug should not be given among dogs that are having conditions like glaucoma, heart diseases and prostatic disease. Likewise goes for pregnant pets or nursing pets.

Aside from the contraindications, drug-to-drug interactions also exist that is why discussion with the vet is highly needed. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are proven to be toxic, making us aware we should never give such drugs to our pets.

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