Are Cockroaches Active During the Day?

What are cockroaches? For sure, a lot of us have already had a close encounter with these nasty house pests. Cockroaches are considered insects that belong to the order known or called as “blattaria”. This term comes from the Latin word “blatta”, which means cockroach. These pests are considered one of the most hated creatures on earth not just because of their creepy and disgusting appearance but also because of their destructive effects in the household. Aside from spoiling our food and other items at home, these roaches can also carry harmful bacteria that could cause us many infections and diseases. Cockroaches do carry shiny appearances and are sporting two long antennas and several spiny legs. In addition to these, cockroaches also have thin or slender bodies, which enable them to enter rooms through cracks and loose fitting doors. Some can even crawl through electric lines as well as through the pipes. These insects prefer dark and damp places such as under the sink, the basement and as well as in between cracked walls. This makes a lot of us ask, are cockroaches active during the day?

Before we dwell on the answer to this question, let us first try to site some of the different facts and information about these creatures called cockroaches.

• Most cockroaches like warm atmospheres and frequently inhabit the corners of any room.
• Roaches are also physically equipped in maneuvering their bodies through difficult terrains. This is the reason why they are capable of going from one place to another through tight and small passageways.
• These insects or creatures are afraid of light, which is why they are also classified as nocturnal in nature. Once they are exposed to light, roaches tend to freak out and run away from the light source.
• These pests like to stay in groups and most of them remain in their dark corners along with their kin.
• In connection to the first fact mentioned, these pests are also fond of hot or subtropical climates. This is the reason why most of these roaches are seen in warm or tropical places.
• The eggs of these roaches are always carried in the abdomen of female roaches. This is a way for them to protect their young from hazards and danger.
• Cockroaches are also capable of producing chirping or hissing sounds. Most of us think that cockroaches are silent creatures; however, these pests do have distinct hissing sounds that can identify them from other insects.
• These pests are also capable in withstanding high radiation. Unfortunately, their body is equipped or shielded with defenses that allow them to block harmful radiation.
• In connection to the aforementioned information, these cockroaches are recognized as the sturdiest insects. These pests can even survive a month without having any food to eat.

These are just some of the important facts about cockroaches. So now we go back to our question; are cockroaches active insects during the day? The answer to this inquiry is a big NO. Just like what is mentioned earlier, these creatures are considered nocturnal insects. This means that they are more active during night where there is lesser light. These make them night hunters and are known to crawl outside of their safe zones in order to look for food and other items to feast on. During the day, they are said to hide inside the cracks of the walls in order to hide from the light. In other words, these insects are terrified once light is present. However, cockroaches are also very daring insects. Once they sense that no people are present in a place to harm them, they usually come out and do their exploring. These insects are afraid in both types of lights namely the artificial and the natural light. They are also attracted to wet and damp environments making pipes, toilet bowls, sink and other damp areas of the house a perfect hideout for their species.

Other Facts and Information about Cockroaches
• Although most roaches have wings, only a few of these insects are capable of flying. Some of these insects do have short wings, which prevents them from carrying their body.
• Cockroaches also have long feelers and spiny legs that allow them to crawl and sense the setting around them.
• Cockroaches are like humans in a way that they are also fond of eating human foods as well.
• Nowadays, there are already 4,000 species of roaches discovered by experts. Four of these are considered as pests. Nevertheless, only 30 species of roaches are seen in human dwellings.
• Some of the most commonly eaten foods of roaches include human starches, plants, vegetables, fruits and leftover. Some of these disgusting insects also live of waste products and garbage contents. Some are also capable of eating clothes and other leather materials. These creatures are also fond of sweets and meat products.
• The things mentioned above are made possible for roaches to digest due to the presence of protozoa and bacteria in the digestive system. These things help in breaking down all these things.

How to Get Rid of Roaches?

In order for us to eliminate these pests from our homes, we must make sure that our house is always clean and neat. It is important for us to make sure that holes and cracks are sealed to prevent breeding grounds for these insects. Proper disposal of waste items in the garbage is also ideal so as to prevent any attraction to these nasty creatures. In short, cleanliness and good hygiene is our best weapon against these insects since these things are considered to be the number one enemy of cockroaches.

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