Are Carrots Good for Dogs?

Carrots are vegetables that have that attractive orange color that are so well-loved by a lot of people in the world. This vegetable has been used in any kinds of presentations, from artsy cuisines to power health-boosted juice. Carrots are very essential in our diet as this gives us the source of beta carotene and Vitamin A that enhances night vision. It also contains antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals that give our body a healthy boost.

Because human beings should eat carrots as these are loaded with important nutrients, one question that is frequently asked is that whether it is safe for dogs or not. Are carrots good for dogs? Carrots are absolutely good for dogs, but giving them this vegetable should be done in moderation. Dogs need special food as they are sensitive when it comes to food digestion as they are not made with features same with humans. However, carrots are proven very nutritious for them. That is why dog owners must not prohibit giving such food to their dogs.

A lot of dogs are fond of eating raw carrots. This is s aid to be a better substitute over conventional dog chews that usually come as a junk food that are loaded with high fat content and calories, therefore giving no nutritional value at all. So when dogs need vital nutrients, carrots are very good snacks for them to munch on.

Other safe and good vegetables dogs can eat are broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, squash, lettuce and cabbage. They can also eat fruits like peeled apple slices, blueberries and slices of orange. As for desert, dogs can eat cottage cheese which gives them a source of low-fat indulgence. These are all healthy to eat and make the dogs have better built and longer lifespan.

Fruits and vegetables are safe to feed on dogs. However, there is precaution with regards to other fruits and vegetables as there are those kinds that are fatal for the dogs’ health. Dog owners must not give onions (onions can cause Heinz body anemia), garlic, tomato plants especially the green parts, raisins, grapes, potato peelings and rhubarb leaves as these are proven to have toxic effects. They must be sure that foods they serve to the dogs must not have those that are stated above to preserve the dogs’ health and life.

Because dogs can eat foods eaten by humans, humans as well must monitor the dogs food intake and assure this is given in moderate amount and the type of foods served for dogs must also be checked to make sure they are all safe and healthy to eat.

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  1. Cecile says:

    My Coco consumes 2 bags of carrots in a month. I introduced carrots to her since she loves to munch at night and i am glad she got used to it. At least i can be sure she benefits from the nutrients and i would give her some dog treats just to break the monotony.

  2. s.h. says:

    my shepherd loves carrots so much that if i dont give her a bunch of them daily she will whine and bark and drive me crazy.. she will usually eat about 3 at a time (chewing them before swallowing them) and she wants this about 3 times a day.. i started out with just one but then over time she wanted them all the time. she loves the taste and cant get enough.. she has allergy problems so she has been on a all dry dog food all fish for years now and i had to stop giving her any of her treats like bones ,raw hides and so on so i felt bad that she couldnt have anything but that same old same old dry food day in and day out so when i found she absolutely loves carrots i couldnt say no.i hear from comments on here that you shouldnt give them to many just like one at a time per day?? i hope that by giving my dog more than one a day will not hurt her. she seems to be doing fine so far and has been eating bunches of carrots almost daily for about a month now

  3. erin says:

    My Olde English Bulldogg Loves Carrots I Give Them To Him Everyday..He Will Stare At The Bag Until He Gets One Ha!!!!!

  4. Dan says:

    My fat little Borgle (Boarder Collie/Beagle mix) just adores them too! She will beg just as hard for carrots as for chicken, beef, or pork! And the good thing is she’s fat, and I dont have to feel guily for giving her a bunch throughout the day! She also has the usual rawhide chewies and a busy bone everyday, but it’s better to giveher the carrots too sometime.

  5. Mbd says:

    I just rescued a chihuahua puppy and we gave her two just two of those cheap pet store dog treats. Yeah ok diarrhea all night. So I read this and she loves baby carrots! She is tiny so I quarter them. Aww I know. Quartering a baby carrot. But I’m so glad I found this! I’m a new dog owners and I
    ‘m learning. Thanks so much.

  6. LG says:

    Can dogs drink coffee?

    • Karen says:

      NO! Caffine (just like chocolate) is toxic to dogs. My 4 year old Chi, Poppy reacts to peanut butter just like a human would react to coffee. If you want to see your dog go haywire hyper, I highly recommend investing in a Kong in a size that is bigger than your dog’s mouth and pressing peanut butter inside of it. My friend’s dog will sit for over 6 hours going at a kong, but my Chi scoops it out over maybe 30 minutes time. I don’t put much in there.

  7. Sherri says:

    My dog has cushings disease… so they say.. $575.00 for the test.. put the dog on a new dog food since he is now 11.. and just feed him carrotts as a treat.. he loves them… it is the crunch like a boney… those store bought raw hides used to make him breath very strange.. he loves them.. he lost 6 lbs in 8 weeks.. they told me to give him (for a 51 lb) dog that should be 35…3/4 cup of sci dient over 7 years little bites. and a half can of string beans on top… it works..! Never paid for that test.. he is doing great!!!!

    • Gabriele Hoffman says:

      cushings disease is not as easy to treat as giving him carrots and science diet..yes, the tests are expensive when added all together – it is an “old dog” illness. With or without treatment he will live, but the quality of life might diminish over the next years. He will always have an incredible appetite, drink a lot of water and probably sleeps a lot more then usual. If untreated this could lead to more serious illnesses. You might want to google Cushings Disease and learn all there is to learn about this illness and it’s opposite Addisons.
      I have had a Cushings Dog that while in initial treatment made the turn to Addisons. This is not what we set out to accomplish, but in a way, Addisons is much easier to treat in a dog (or person) and less expensive. And it should be easier on the dog as well.
      Good luck with your Buddy.

  8. Sherri says:

    Forgot to say… he goes thru two 2 lb bags a month.. He loves the crunch… it keeps him happy.. but he does sit there in front of the fridge waiting.. or just barks in my face… good dog.. !!

  9. Marie says:

    My dog started loosing his hair, scratching, biting and on top of that back to back ear infections. He was so miserable. After reading several articles I came up with my own remedy. I started giving him one carrot and 3 ounces of plain yogurt for his ear infection daily. Overnight he began growing his hair back and the ear infections are gone! He’s happy and so am I.

  10. paula says:

    I give my GSD plain yogurt which she loves and I just started giving her carrots. As a treat to mulch on, carrots are the bomb.

  11. Karen says:

    I’ve read on other sites that some fruits and veggies can be dangerous to dogs. Citrus being an absolute no-no, apples creating diarrhea-like stool consistancy, and carrots not really having any health concerns/benefits other than orange shreads in the stool.

    As others have mentioned, my dog’s stool is not so solid after commercial treats. We chose a giant tub of small soft and chewy milkbones in liver flavor and Poppy adores them. I had only been giving him about a half a bone total throughout a day. He consumes anything (even meds) with no objection. I worry about him ingesting treats so fast, so carrots are a lifesaver. He has to gnaw. We also love the Kong we bought him!

    Have you noticed that the majority of dog treats contain a bread-base like whey and flour? Some of my friends use frozen baby food for their pet treats. What do you think about that? I’d love to see some healthy treat recipes!!

  12. Luciene says:

    My dog Sam a 3 year old malties loves carrots he gets so happy when I
    Give them to him, his tail looks like its gana fall Off his body :D his ears pops
    Up when ever he sees one. Its kept him healthy to.

  13. Wishbone says:

    My little 7 yr old rescue Dawg ; Milo, loves raw carrots.
    I do too!

  14. Common Sense says:

    DOGS DON’T NEED DESSERT OR INDULGENCE! Stop projecting human desires onto dogs, it’s borderline creepy.

    • James says:

      You are an idiot. Dogs do need indulgence. They need treats just like humans do. A dogs dessert might be different from a human dessert, but both like them just the same. Dogs need those treats and that indulgence to let them know that they are a good dog and that if they stay a good dog, something wonderful happens (AKA praise and treats). Without treats and that indulgence, they become misbehaved and make bad habits. Learn the facts. You obviously are not fit to own a dog.

      • ginny says:

        I have fed my dogs carrots for yrs but I was just told by a vet that they should not have carrots… can cause diabetes due to the high sugar content…..any advice for a vet here?? Thank you.

  15. Ms. Penny says:

    My black lab loves them, when I open the door to the fridge she sits in the way and points with her nose at the bag. I use to feed her milk bones, then tried carrots and she prefers them over the milk bone.

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