Facts about Alexander Graham Bell for Kids

Invention always interests kids. They love to manufacture things out from their query minds as a miniature way to feed their curiosity. They clink the tools in the garage, backyard or elsewhere in the house trying to focus with their ongoing invention and runs to you with delight and excitement when things work according to how they hoped it would.

To feed them with more interesting facts about invention, they should learn facts about Alexander Graham Bell for kids. Like your kids at home, Alexander also started at a very young age with his invention. He made his first invention when he was 14 and developed further discoveries when he grew up. Most of his works were in line with sounds and communications as he was raised in a family that is into this field. And because his mother was also deaf, his interest into this study grew wilder and made way towards his success as an inventor.

Like other wise guys in history, Alexander Graham Bell did not start out as a brilliant kid in school. He used to have very bad grades and known to have problems with absenteeism. But this fact did not stop him to reach excellence to various fields and become popular all around the world. Aside from being an inventor, he was also a noted engineer, scientist and innovator and even received honorable degrees from prestigious schools in America and Europe. He bloomed to be a very wise and intelligent kid after all.

When speaking about Alexander Graham Bell, kids would always link his name with the telephone invention in 1876. Yes, the telephone was one of the exemplary inventions of Bell. Though this caused a lot of controversies during the release of such communication device in the market, still the credits and patent was turned over to Bell.

Aside from the telephone invention, Bell continuously excelled. His very first invention, a wheat husker, back when he was 14 was also highly credited as this helped removing wheat husks in agricultural field. The device was made with a nail brush and paddle linked with a rotary-brushing wheel. This made a great impact among laborers and they were very grateful to Bell for inventing such device.

Another great invention of Bell was the photophone in 1880. This was known to be the pioneering wireless communication device as it made possible for a human voice be transmitted over light wavelengths. Another invention came out a year after. He produced a metal detector that was intentionally used to search for the bullet after President James Garfield’s assassination. From then on, the metal detector was used prior to the discovery of X-ray technology.

A hydrofoil boat was another invention of Bell, with his partner Casey Baldwin in 1919 and set a new speed record of 70 miles per hour.

Alexander Graham Bell died on August 1922 but what he left in this world would forever be treasured and kept in history books and other literature.

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